LTE: Nokia Networks получила контракт МегаФон на 7 лет в трех макрорегионах России

Рамочное соглашение заключено на 7 лет. В этот период Nokia Networks будет осуществлять строительство и модернизацию сети LTE / LTE-A оператора с использованием решения радиодоступа Single RAN.

Модернизация сети МегаФон начнется со Столичного, Центрального и Кавказского регионов. Сумма сделки не анонсирована.

Аналогичное семилетнее соглашение в августе 2014 года МегаФон заключил с компанией Ericsson. В нем речь шла, прежде всего, о Северо-Западном ФО.

о компании МегаФон
Все сети LTE в России
Все сети LTE МегаФон в России
о компании Huawei Networks
контракты Huawei Networks в области LTE
пресс-релиз компании МегаФон

MegaFon selects Nokia Networks to build its 4G LTE network
  • Seven-year deal covers 4G LTE radio access equipment
  • Subscribers in Moscow, Central and Caucasus regions will be first to enjoy LTE network services
Moscow, Russia, press-release via - 11 March 2015. MegaFon has signed a contract with Nokia Networks to upgrade the operator's nationwide network in Russia. Under this 7-year deal, a 4G network based on the company's Single RAN (radio access network) technology will be built in order to benefit from greater capacity, higher data rates and low latency.
Super-fast performance
4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) enables better resource utilization and low latency in MegaFon's network. Subscribers will benefit from video sharing and other multimedia applications with almost immediate response time and state-of-the-art services such as HD video.
Solution details at a glance
To implement MegaFon's LTE network, Nokia Networks will provide its Single RAN Advanced platform, based on the Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station Nokia NetAct network management system will be updated to ensure consolidated configuration, monitoring, management and optimization of the operator's network
Evgueny Chermashentsev, Director for Infrastructure at MegaFon, said: "The cooperation with Nokia Networks in our 4G network deployment and upgrade is a reaffirmation of MegaFon's commitment to deliver best-in-class services and fastest mobile Internet to our subscribers. We are confident that Nokia Networks will help us to make our 4G network even faster and to enhance network availability and quality."
Kristina Tikhonova, Head of East region at Nokia Networks, said: "We will ensure that MegaFon is able to turn its vision into reality. As always, we will leverage our capabilities and expertise to help MegaFon to step up to the next level of mobile broadband and offer superior services to Russian citizens."
Did you know?
Nokia Networks supplies LTE to 9 of the 10 largest operators globally (by LTE subscriptions). The company has deployed LTE on all major frequency bands and currently has 170 commercial references.

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