Ericsson, Telstra и Qualcomm показали 4х4 MIMO

Ericsson, Telstra и Qualcomm Technologies показали 4х4 MIMO - существенный шаг к пиковым скоростям в 1 Гбит/с на коммерческих сетях. 

Уникальная комбинация технологий 4x4 MIMO и 256 QAM была показана с использованием модема Qualcomm Snapdragon X12 LTE и Ericsson Networks Software 16B.

В ходе демонстрации была достигнута пиковая скорость скачивания данных в 380 Мбит/с. Не сказано, какая полоса частот при этом использовалась, чисто теоретически хватило бы двух полос частот 20 МГц и 10 МГц. Переход к технологии 4х4 MIMO удваивает возможные пиковые скорости без необходимости наращивания полосы частот.

Как ожидается, смартфоны, способные поддерживать комбинацию 4x4 MIMO и 256 QAM появятся на рынке уже в 2016 году.

Telstra уже поддерживает на коммерческой сети работу устройств Cat.11 в отдельных точках покрытия сети 4GX с пиковыми скоростями до 600 Мбит/с.

На сентябрь 2015 года средняя скорость скачивания данных в сети Telstra, Австралия составляла 23 Мбит/с (источник - OpenSignal), охват населения - 76%.  Это высокие результаты, если сравнивать с другими операторами, в частности, с российскими.

Ранее работу MIMO 4x4 показывали на сети TD-LTE Ukkeverket, Финляндия. Nokia и SK Telecom демонстрировали MIMO 4x4 на MWC2015 в Барселоне.  А первые тесты 4x4 MIMO Huawei провела на сети Deutsche Telekom еще в 2012 году.

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Ericsson, Telstra and Qualcomm demonstrate 4x4 MIMO

2015-12-22, press-release

- Ericsson, Telstra and Qualcomm Technologies demonstrate 4x4 MIMO, a foundational step towards download speeds of 1Gbps in the commercial network
- Unique combination of 4x4 MIMO and 256 QAM is demonstrated with the Qualcomm® Snadragon™ X12 LTE modem with Ericsson Networks Software 16B for LTE
- Following recent world first testing by Telstra and Ericsson of end to end of 1Gbps data rates, Telstra continues to develop and deploy ecosystem capabilities that will enable customers to access up to 1Gbps in the commercial network

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) today announced the live demonstration of 4x4 MIMO, supporting peak downlink data speeds of up to 380 Mbps, in cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM). This latest technology milestone was delivered by Ericsson Networks Software 16B for LTE and the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X12 LTE modem from Qualcomm Technologies, which supports 4x4 Spatial Multiplexing combined with 256 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM). 4x4 MIMO with 256 QAM, expected to be supported on smartphones in 2016, is an ideal solution to boost indoor and outdoor app coverage for faster access to content and applications.

Telstra, Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies have long cooperated on a number of key industry milestones, focused on increasing network capacity and delivering a better user experience for smartphone and tablet users.

Currently Telstra customers with Category 11 devices can access world leading 600 Mbps peak-speed technology in selected areas of the 4GX network.

Mike Wright, Telstra Group Managing Director, Networks, says: “We are constantly looking to enhance our customers’ user experience and 4x4 MIMO will be an important addition to our mobile network speeds and capacity. We initially demonstrated 1 Gbps capability in an end to end network on 5 November 2015. Now, this next step in device evolution, achieved by Ericsson and Qualcomm, shows 4x4 MIMO with 256 QAM in combination. This brings us even closer to offering 1 Gbps capabilities to our customers. To deliver such innovations and improvements, Telstra and Ericsson work closely together to test the latest technologies and proactively deploy these into our commercial network."

Thomas Norén, Vice President and Head of Radio Product Management, Ericsson says: “With the high pace of innovation in the device and application industry, users expect ubiquitous coverage and put top priority on being able to use all of their apps anywhere and anytime. Activating new advanced network and operational capabilities such as 4x4 MIMO with 256 QAM provides operators with a more solid and secure network performance enabling digitalization opportunities to everyone, everywhere.”

With the most advanced network, operators can bring not only the right performance to every situation, application and device, but are also able to focus beyond the personal usage into transformation of other industries with the dynamics and performance to handle requirements from a range of use cases.

Serge Willenegger, senior vice president of product management, Qualcomm Technologies, says: “Adding 4x4 MIMO in mobile networks enables faster, more efficient data transfer. Our Snapdragon X12 LTE modem is key to achieving this industry milestone and we look forward to continuing to work with Ericsson and Telstra to maximize network capacity and deliver better experiences for smartphone and tablet users.”

The use of 4×4 MIMO doubles peak rates with no additional spectrum. The addition of 256 QAM provides an additional peak rate boost. Ericsson also recently announced Lean Carrier, applying 5G ultra-lean design concepts to today’s LTE networks, reducing interference and expanding the range of 256 QAM coverage.

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