Anam предоставит услугу A2P SMS для Tele2 Россия

Компании Tele2 Россия и ирландская Anam заключили контракт на 2 года в рамках которого Anam будет предоставлять профессиональные услуги A2P SMS Services. Кроме того, Anam предоставляет российскому оператору услуги своего брендмауэра SMS. 

Профуслуги A2P SMS от компании Anam, как ожидается, помогут избежать ситуаций, которые случались ранее в связи с так называемыми атаками "серой маршрутизации" A2P. Anam обещает повысить надежность канала и его устойчивость к атакам. 

Сотрудничество компаний Tele2 Россия и Anam началось в 2014 году, когда Tele2 приобрела брандмауэр SMS Anam для управления SMS-спамом. С тех пор компании взаимодействовали, чтобы предотвращать мошенничество с использованием SMS в сети Tele2, а также зарабатывать на коммерческих сообщениях. 

Кто там у нас крупнейший провайдер A2P SMS-трафика в России в 2019 году? Ах да, Danycom...  Ждем аналогичных новостей от других участников рынка? 



October 2020. Dublin, Ireland.

Anam is delighted to announce a significant new 2-year contract with Tele2 Russia, involving the provision of comprehensive Managed A2P SMS Services to complement Anam’s deployed SMS Firewall. The advancement of wholesale A2P SMS as a professional and reliable service is central to the Anam/Tele2 partnership because the channel has been occasionally subject to A2P grey routing. The companies’ joint effort will help enhance reliability of the channel and its resistance to such attacks. Tele2 serves 44.6 m subscribers across operations in 68 regions in Russia.

The Tele2/Anam partnership dates back to 2014 when Tele2 purchased Anam’s award winning SMS firewall to manage SPAM SMS and the two companies have worked closely since then to prevent SMS fraud on the Tele2 network, provide an enhanced subscriber experience and ensure commercial messaging revenues. The Anam firewall is now an essential cornerstone of the Tele2 network as it protects subscribers from unauthorised SMS messages and SMS-driven fraud, as well as fulfilling Russian regulations in the messaging arena.

Commenting on the long relationship between the two companies, David Walton Regional Account Director for Anam stated: ”We are delighted to renew and extend our contract with Tele2 which reflects the success of the Anam Firewall and Managed Services over last 3 years, and now confirms a further deepening of our co-operation with Tele2, including a upcoming program of innovation where Anam will be providing new features and services to further protect revenues and additionally, to enhance the Tele2 Product offering to their customers and subscribers. The next two years promises to be a very exciting period in our partnership with Tele2”

Aleksey Vasilyev, Head of Subscriber Services Development division at Tele2, commented on the use of Anam products: “Tele2 has a comprehensive program to counteract unauthorized messages, spam and mobile fraud. To make the program most efficient and up-to-date, we are using multi-level security systems, Anam Firewall and Managed Services among them. This comprehensive approach is helping us achieve our main goal – make our services safe, convenient, and easy-to-use for our clients”.


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