Ericsson завершила развертывание сети LIME на Каймановых островах

Уж не знаю, волнует ли вас судьба LTE на Каймановых островах, но спешу поделиться - с LTE там все неплохо.

GSA объявила о запуске сети LTE компанией LIME еще в ноябре 2013 года. А сейчас Ericsson  сообщает о завершении развертывания сети на Каймановых островах. Эксклюзивным поставщиком решения (RAN, EPC, HSS) выступает компания Ericsson. Вендор обеспечил дизайн сети, обучение, интеграцию, профессиональные услуги и техническую поддержку.

Услуги предоставляются всем желающим подключиться к сети, включая пользователей смартфонов iPhone 5. Ericsson также расширил сеть 3G/HSPA компании, которая теперь охватывает 100% территории Каймановых островов.

С декабря 2013 года средний трафик в сетях LIME вырос в 68 раз. За последние 18 месяцев также заметен существенный рост трафика видео, стриминга ТВ и использования соцсетей пользователями.

Если вы живете на Каймановых островах или прилетели туда и собираетесь использовать сеть LTE, у вас будет выбор - здесь действует также Digicel Cayman Island, который также запустил сеть LTE в ноябре 2013 года. В зоне его покрытия на момент запуска - 99% населения островов Grand Cayman и Sister Islands. 

Сети LIME и DiGi построены в диапазоне 700 МГц, у каждого оператора в этом диапазоне  2х20 МГц или более. 

LIME and Ericsson complete LTE roll-out in Cayman Islands

2014-05-16, press-release, via

- LIME selected Ericsson as sole supplier for its LTE network build out and HSPA network expansion in Cayman Islands
- 68-fold increase in data traffic as customers respond to LIME’s better services and mobile data experience

Cable & Wireless Communications’ business in the Cayman Islands, which trades as LIME, has completed the roll-out of its new 4G LTE network. The network was installed by Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) as sole supplier, covering 100% of the islands. This has resulted in higher capacity, and enhanced mobile data services.

The increased capacity has enabled new and better services to LIME customers such as video streaming, interactive TV and advanced games. LIME customers in the Cayman Islands can now enjoy download speeds over five times faster than were available previously. This will enable LIME customers to download a music track in three seconds or a film in 40 seconds.

A 4G LTE mobile data service will also complement users of the latest smartphones like the iPhone 5, which LIME has the exclusive rights to provide in the Caribbean.

Ericsson has also expanded LIME’s existing HSPA network, which now covers 100% of the islands.

Since the upgrade took place, average data traffic on LIME’s mobile network has increased by 68 times. Over the last 18 months there has been a significant increase in video, streamed TV and social networking usage.

Bill McCabe, CEO, LIME Cayman Islands, says: "At LIME, we value innovation and the skills to provide excellence in services; we have made a huge effort to deliver an unbeatable mobile data customer experience. Together with Ericsson, we are able to provide our customers with superior mobile data services and performance based on a complete LTE solution."

The solution included the deployment of a new Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and new HSS (Home Subscriber Server), as well as new radio base stations for 4G/LTE. This energy-efficient compact solution will allow LIME to develop new, high-speed mobile broadband services, while reducing the deployment cost. Ericsson also has provided a range of services, including network design, training, systems integration, managed services and technical support.

The nationwide LTE and HSPA network roll-out between LIME and Ericsson marks another milestone in the longstanding relationship between the two companies.

Nicolas Brancoli, Vice President of Ericsson Latin America & Caribbean, says: "This deal reaffirms Ericsson’s leadership in LTE and further extends our relationship with LIME. Innovation is driven by people, and Ericsson is the right partner to support LIME’s vision of contributing to Caribbean society."

Ericsson is the market leader in WCDMA/HSPA and LTE. Today, more than 45 percent of the world’s WCDMA/HSPA smartphone traffic and 50 percent of the world's LTE smartphone traffic is served by Ericsson networks, which is more than double the traffic of its closest competitor. More than 190 LTE RAN and Evolved Packet Core networks have been delivered worldwide, of which more than 130 have gone live commercially. There are also more than 240 WCDMA/HSPA RAN live commercial networks.
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