NSN обеспечит поставку решений LTE / LTE-A CA для Taiwan Mobile

Taiwan Mobile выбрал NSN единственным поставщиком решения LTE-A. NSN обеспечит поставку решения с поддержкой агрегации частот APT700 и 1800 МГц.

NSN и Taiwan Mobile заключили сделку, в ходе реализации которой NSN обеспечит поставку и развертывание решений LTE, LTE-A CA, Liquid Radio и Liquid Core. Решение LTE-A CA будет использовать частоты в диапазонах 700 МГц (APT700) и 1800 МГц. Сеть LTE компании строится в диапазоне 700 МГц. Поддержка LTE-A будет реализована в местах с высокой плотностью пользования. В рамках контракта будет поставлена RAN на базе Flexi Multiradio 10 BS, решение ядра сети и решение NetAct для управления. Поставщик обеспечит также услуги по планированию и оптимизации сети.

На Тайване, как не удивительно, до сих пор нет сетей LTE. В этом году все изменится, не менее пяти операторов планируют запуски сетей LTE, благо в 2013 году у них была возможность приобрасти частоты для их развертывания.


Taiwan Mobile selects NSN as sole supplier for its LTE-Advanced network
  • NSN delivers multi-band Carrier Aggregation for APT700 and 1800 MHz spectrums
  • Improves performance and cost-efficiency by using multi-band radio and superior core network
Nokia Solutions and Networks supports Taiwan Mobile, a leading wireless operator, in a rapid roll-out of its multi-band LTE* network built with NSN’s innovative Liquid Radio and Liquid Core technology. NSN will also deploy LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation technology to increase bandwidth and network performance by combining the 700 MHz and 1800 MHz spectrum bands.
With NSN’s help, Taiwan Mobile is at the forefront of deploying LTE coverage utilizing the 700 MHz spectrum band, which has been released by digital dividend and harmonized across several countries in the Asia Pacific region. This band provides an excellent basis for high quality indoor cell and rural area coverage and supports LTE devices which are already widely available. The operator is implementing additional capacity using the global 1800 MHz band and aggregates the two frequencies in high-density areas for top-of-class throughput.
“We have a successful history of collaboration with Taiwan Mobile, which started in early 1997 with the launch of the operator’s GSM network. NSN is now the sole supplier of Taiwan Mobile’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks,” said Markus Borchert, President of NSN Greater China region. “With our innovative Carrier Aggregation solution and network planning and optimization services, the operator can combine its spectrum for significantly increased data throughput and an unmatched customer experience.”
Under the contract, NSN will implement its high-capacity Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Stations, Evolved Packet Core technology and NetAct network management system. The agreement covers also network planning and optimization services.
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