Qualcomm представил платформу LTE-A CA Cat.6 на базе Gobi 9x35

Qualcomm сегодня - это признанный лидер в области радиотехнологий на чипе по части 3GPP LTE. Процессоры и модемы Qualcomm используются в большинстве флагманских устройств, устройств премиального класса, да и не только в них.

Сегодня компания анонсирует платформу с поддержкой LTE-Advanced CA Cat.6 для обеспечения подключенности мобильных устройств со скоростью загрузки данных до 300 Мбит/с (возможность комбинации несущих общим объемом до 40 МГц).

Платформа построена на базе модемов Qualcomm Gobi 4G LTE, которые проверены в полевых условиях и во внедрениях B2C. Платформа обеспечивает поддержку LTE-Advanced FDD / TDD, а также 3G / DB/DC-HSPA+/WCDMA, EV-DO Advanced / Rev. B, TD-SCDMA. CDMA 1x Advances, GSM/EDGE). На ее базе можно будет строить планшеты и ноутбуки, которые смогут работать в самых разных странах.

Платформа основана на использовании чипсета Gobi 9x30 по технологии 20 нм (первый модем 20 нм с поддержкой Cat.6) в комбинации с чипом трансивера Qualcomm RF - Qualcomm WTR3925. Чипсет также поддерживает геолокационную платформу IZat. Кроме того, платформа поддерживает LTE Advanced Cat.6, две несущих HSUPA, включая двухдиапазонную поддержку HSPA+.

Платформа может использоваться в различных модулях для встраивания, включая форм-фактор M.2, LGA (land grid array). Она может работать под управлением таких ОС, как Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows. При использовании ее вместе с Qualcomm RF300 Front End Solution, можно обеспечить глобальное решение в рамках одного SKU LTE. Обеспечивается поддержка настройки антенн (antenna matching tuning), отслеживание пакетов (envelope tracking).

Новый чип, весьма вероятно, будет востребован прежде всего такими производителями планшетов и ноутбуков, как Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Panasonic and Toshiba. Кроме того, чип могут покупать такие производители модулей, как Amtel, Foxconn, Huawei, Longcheer, Sierra Wireless, TCL и ZTE.

На стенде компании на MWC2014 (3E10) Qualcomm демонстрирует поддержку LTE-A Cat.6 на базе платформы с модемом Gobi 9x30.

Платформа может использоваться в самых разных странах мира за счет поддержки большого числа наборов диапазонов частот 3GPP


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Press release Qualcomm

Qualcomm Announces 4G LTE Advanced Category 6 Embedded Connectivity Platform for Mobile Computing Products

— Fourth-generation LTE multimode chipset doubles LTE data speeds up to 300 Mbps, deepens embedded computing modem portfolio —

Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., introduced the world’s first commercial 4G LTE Advanced embedded data connectivity platform with Category 6 download speeds of up to 300 Mbps for mobile computing devices, including thin form factor laptops, tablets and convertibles.

The platform builds upon three generations of Qualcomm® Gobi™ 4G LTE modems that have been field tested and proven for consumer and enterprise mobility deployments, extending Qualcomm Technologies’ leadership in enabling 3G and 4G solutions that cover the broadest range of cellular technologies and RF bands worldwide.  This includes LTE support, both TDD and FDD implementations with backwards compatibility to HSPA+, EVDO, and TD-SCDMA—enabling notebook and tablet manufacturers to offer a single product that works in multiple regions around the world.
The depth and breadth of our Gobi embedded computing modem portfolio allows PC OEMs and module vendors to pick the best solution for virtually any of today’s most popular mobile computing products – from high-end enterprise laptops to volume consumer tablets,” said Fram Akiki, senior director of product management for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Qualcomm’s technologies also are making it easier than ever for users to do more of what they want while on the go, whether it’s streaming 4K high-definition video or quickly accessing enterprise applications from the cloud.

The Embedded Connectivity Platform is based on Qualcomm Technologies’ fourth-generation 3G/LTE modem chipset, the Gobi 9x30, and Qualcomm RF transceiver chip, the Qualcomm WTR3925. The WTR3925 also incorporates the Qualcomm IZat™ location platform designed for delivery of seamless, global location. Together, these solutions enable a powerful, optimized single platform designed to deliver up to 2X faster LTE Advanced along with dual carrier HSUPA and dual band multi-carrier HSPA+, designed to help enable OEMs to launch LTE Advanced Cat 6 devices faster on a global scale, offer significant improvements in performance and power consumption compared to previous generations, and require less printed circuit board area for thinner, sleeker designs.

Qualcomm Technologies’ Embedded Connectivity Platform supports a broad range of embedded modules, including thin form factors such as M.2, and Land Grid Array, and an expansive ecosystem of module vendors who utilize a range of Gobi chipsets, from 3G to 4G LTE Advanced – and support for leading operating systems such as Android, Chrome OS, iOS and Windows. The platform also can be paired with the Qualcomm RF360™ Front End Solution to enable a global, single-SKU LTE platform. Qualcomm RF360 Front End Solution features proven commercial technologies such as antenna matching tuning and envelope tracking which improves connection reliability plus power efficiency for optimal performance.

PC vendors who currently offer notebooks and tablets with built-in LTE technology based on Qualcomm Technologies’ second-generation LTE chipset, the Gobi MDM9x15, include Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Panasonic and Toshiba.

At Dell, we’re focused on helping our customers do more and connect to any device, any application, anywhere, anytime,” said Raza Haider, executive director, commercial PC group, client solutions, Dell.  “Qualcomm Technologies’ Gobi embedded connectivity platform keeps our customers productive on the go with its performance, efficiency and versatility in connecting to the fastest 3G / 4G LTE networks worldwide.
We’re continually striving to offer our enterprise customers the very best mobile computing experience across a range of form factors, from traditional laptops to hybrid tablets with touchscreens,” said Jörg Hartmann’s, Vice President Client Computing Devices International Business, Fujitsu. “Qualcomm Technologies’ Gobi embedded connectivity platform plays an important role across that portfolio, enabling Fujitsu customers to manage their critical data needs on the fastest 4G LTE connections wherever they go.
Our ThinkPad laptops are known as the gold standard in business computing for their exceptional engineering, performance and industry-leading features,” said Jerry Paradise, Executive Director, WW ThinkPad Product Marketing and Product Operations. “Gobi embedded solutions allow us to offer the greatest range of 4G LTE connectivity options, keeping our customers around the world mobile and connected.
Panasonic is continually pushing the wireless capabilities of our mobile computers, which are depended upon by workers in government and commercial enterprises throughout the world to acquire, manage and interpret the information that drives innovation,” said Victoria Obenshain, Vice President, Wireless Strategy, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America. “Qualcomm Technologies’ industry-leading Gobi 4G LTE Advanced embedded connectivity platform with potential download speeds up to 300 Mbps will enable workers using Panasonic’s Toughbook and Toughpad solutions to improve their productivity and efficiency by connecting faster and in more places than ever before.
We’re choosing Qualcomm Technologies’ Gobi embedded mobile connectivity platform for our computing products because of its performance, power efficiency and ability to seamlessly connect across networks – from 3G to 4G LTE,” said Matt McDowell, Marketing Director, Lifestyle Products & Services division, Toshiba Europe GmbH. “These benefits ensure that Toshiba customers will be able to stay connected in more places and get the most out of their Toshiba devices.

Module vendors who will enable commercial device launches include Amtel, Foxconn, Huawei, Longcheer, Sierra Wireless, TCL and ZTE.

We’re pleased to be using Qualcomm Technologies’ fourth-generation 3G/LTE multimode solutions in our upcoming embedded modules and connectivity products,” Brand Cheng, SVP of Foxconn. “The growth of 4G LTE networks worldwide is driving demand for faster and more versatile connections on a range of mobile computing devices. Qualcomm’s technology is well-equipped to meet that demand and lead the industry in creating the next generation of innovative, connected devices.
In the mobile broadband field, Huawei provides data card and module with fast and reliable connection for customers around the world and provide customers the best and latest experience,” said Future Yang, Vice president of MBB & Home Product Line of Huawei. “We develop our products based on Qualcomm Technologies’ Gobi embedded computing modem platform, which provides widest range of connectivity options including LTE advanced Category 6 for blazing-fast download speed of up to 300 Mbps. We’ll release data card, mobile WiFi, M2M module and automotive module based 9x30 in this year.
We’re proud to offer the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of 2G, 3G and 4G LTE wireless embedded modules,” said Dan Schieler, senior vice president, OEM Solutions for Sierra Wireless. “Such depth and breadth is possible, in part, because of our collaboration with Qualcomm and the Gobi embedded computing modem portfolio, which offers industry-leading connectivity on the latest wireless standards.
Qualcomm Technologies’ embedded mobile computing solutions deliver the industry’s best performance and power consumption, and we’re excited to be implementing the latest 4G LTE Advanced platform in our products,” said Ronald Hu, vice president of TCL Communication, deputy general manager of Smart Connectivity Business Division.
Qualcomm Technologies’ broad embedded computing modem portfolio – with connectivity ranging from 3G to 4G LTE Advanced – enables us to offer wireless data router (mobile "hot spot") that meet the needs of many different customers,” said Mr. Dongtang Zhu, ZTE vice president of R&D.  “ZTE is thrilled to be Qualcomm Technologies’ launch customer for the Gobi 9x30 and WTR3925 and is excited to be working with Qualcomm Technologies again to deliver even faster LTE Advanced Category 6 speeds in our next-generation products.

Attendees at Mobile World Congress can view a live demonstration of 300 Mbps LTE Advanced Category 6 using the Gobi 9x30 platform at the Qualcomm booth in Hall 3, Stand #3E10.

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